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 Oral presentations:

۱-   Iranian immigration channels to GCC countries during the last hundred years۹thAnnual Conference on Eurasian Politics and Society, York. UK (16 July 2022)

۲- International Migration, Remittance and Development of Health Infrastructure in Iran’s Larestan Region” ۲nd International Mobility, Migration and Wellbeing Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, December 2019

۳- “International Emigrants as Co-Developers in Their Hometown (A Case Study: South of Iran, Larestan Region)” ۵th International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences, Penang, Malaysia, December 2014

­­­­­۴- “International Migration and Increasing Altruistic Activities in Hometown (Evidence from Larestan Region, Iran)” ۵th International Conference on Economics and Social Sciences, Penang, Malaysia, December 2014

۵- “Analysis of Iranian migration trends to GCC countries (A Case Study: South of Iran, Larestan Region)” ۱st Sociology & Social sciences Conference, Tehran, Iran, August 2014

Abstract Acceptance
1-    “The Iranian Diaspora in the Gulf: History, networks and Impacts, with a specific Focus on Larestan Province” ۲۰۲۰ Gulf Research Meeting, University of Cambridge, UK

۲-    “Migration, remittance, and social development in south of Iran, Larestan region” International Conference on Grassroots Social Development, Calicut, Kerala, India, February 2013

۳-    “International Migration, remittance and development of education in south of Iran” Australian Population Association Conference (Population change: past, present and future), Melbourne, December 2012

 ۴-     “International migration, remittance and reducing poverty in south of Iran” ۲nd International Conference of the Romanian Sociological Society (Beyond Globalization), Bucharest, Romania, May 2012


M. Hojjati, M. Fozuni (has submitted), International Migration, Remittance, and Development of Health Infrastructure in South of Iran; Larestan Region. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

۱-   M. Hojjati, M. Vosooghi(Summer 2013), “Remittance; a basic approach in positive view toward international migration”, Scientific-research journal of Central Azad University, Tehran, Iran.

۲-   Translation (English to Persian) Winter 2012,From Lar to Kuwait”, by Emily Wells in FARHANG-E-MARDOM (IRANIAN FOLKLORIC QUARTERLY), Tehran, Iran

INTERVIEWS ON WEBSITES                                                                                                             

۱-  “Memories of Life and Teaching in Larestan in the 1970s” Speaking with Emily Wells in (https://www.peacecorpsiran.org/cpages/stories)

۲-  “The people of southern Iran want the government: Positive relations with neighbors” in Iranian news agency website (https://www irna.ir). Aug2021

۳-   “The role of emigrants in development of southern Iran” in Iranian news agency website (https://www irna.ir). Feb2022

۱-   “Research on Iranians in the UAE”, by John. W. Limbert [Translation (English to Persian)] in (https://aftablarestan.com) Jul2021

۲-  Larin: The Currency of the Seas”, by Krutika Haraniya [Translation (English to Persian)] in (https://donya-e-eqtesad.com) May2021

۳-  “Football against immigrants”     …………………….…….  in (www.etemadonline.com) Mar 2021

۴-  “Abolish Qatar Kafala system?”   …………………….……..       in (donya-e-eqtesad.com) Feb 2021

۵-  “Why Qatar is important?”          ……………………………           in (www.ireconomy.ir) Jan 2017

۶-  “GCC countries; a significant pole of migration in the world

۷-  “How much is the remittance of migrants throughout the world?”

۸-  “Forced migrations around the world

in (www.ireconomy.ir) 2015
۹-  “Will Rouhani be able to return Iranian economic emigrants?”       in (www.ireconomy.ir), Oct 2014
۱۰- “Larestani Emigrants’ efforts in the medical development
۱۱-  “The extensive role of Lari emigrants in educational development
۱۲-  “Comparison incomes of migrant southern families and others
۱۳-  “Reduction of Iranian labor migration to GCC countries  In www.aftablarestan.ir, 2014
۱۴-  “The 50s; a turning point on economy of Larestani emigrants
۱۵-  “Labor and business of migrants before 50s
۱۶-  “Migration is a vital requisite for Larestan life throughout history
۱۷-  “Ancient Larestan; center of migration belt in southern Iran


۲۰۱۶ – present Social studies                                                       in State Exemplary high school
Winter 2014 prosperity and social security /

Sociology/ Research methods

in Payame Noor University
Fall 2014 Media and Audience in University of Applied Science
Fall  ۲۰۱۳ Social networks/ Leading cultural centers/

Management of cultural organization

Political sociology & Sociology of revolution                 in Payame Noor University



August 2017 Needs assessment in organizational researches and prioritization course in Governorship of Fars province, Iran  

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